5 Must Haves for an Apple Watch on a Budget

So you made the investment and bought yourself an Apple Watch... you love it, don't you? But now you're ready to start accessorizing and everything is just so expensive. You've already put out a pretty penny just to buy an Apple Watch. You shouldn't have to shell out almost twice as much so to style it up! Here are my favorite Apple Watch accessories that fit perfectly into any budget:

How To Upload Photos into Instagram Stories

When first playing with Instagram Stories, I couldn’t figure out how to upload picture or videos that I had already taken. Instead, it seemed I was forced to first shoot using the Instagram app, and upload from there -- exactly like with Snapchat Stories. A couple days later I stumbled upon a way to access my Camera Roll and upload an already captured image into my Instagram Story. It's not overly obvious so I figured I'd share this tid bit of information! 

Tips for Covering an Event Live on Social


One of my favorite aspects of social media is live coverage for events like industry conferences, speeches, and media frenzies. I love people able to give people across the world live insight that allows them to feel like they're right here next to me. There's a two effective ways to cover an event on social media:

The Trick to More LinkedIn Profile Views is Easier Than You Think

If you ask any recruiter, they'll tell you that your application/resume has to "sell them" within the first minute. And, surprise surprise, their attention spans don't increase when they're sourcing candidates on LinkedIn either. In fact, most recruiters will only spend about 10 seconds on each profile. Crazy! So how can you grab their attention and hold it long enough to really make a positive impression?

5 Ways to Be Social Media Savvy

A lot of small businesses are still shying away from taking a deep dive into social media and unfortunately, at this point, it's either "do or die" when it comes to marketing. You either join in on the fun or risk fading away in obscurity. I tell all of them the same thing: You need to be there. You need to stop making excuses. You need to stop putting it off. It is time to embrace social media... for your business's sake.

It's OK to Say No

In 2014 I was awarded One Person Wonder by the Michigan Business and Professionals Association—for my work for my work/life balance between my full-time career in public relations, part-time freelance gigs, owning and designing jewelry for Urban Solstice, and my volunteer and community work including a Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan Troop Leader—and from that time on, I have consistently had to answer the question "How do you get everything done?!" And my answer had always been, "I have no idea! I just do!" But the reality of the situation is that I was (and still am) struggling to say "No."

Social Media Marketing: Back to Basics

So many people, DIYers and Social Media Pros alike, are running off to start social media marketing campaigns with little or no thought behind them. In most cases, these social media people run right out, get a Facebook Page and start generating tons of content or, worse yet pushing their product and services without taking the time to build out value with their ideal audience. Here are some basic reminders on how to develop a great social media marketing plan...

The 10 Best Apps for Young Professionals

It’s no secret that I am a bit nerdy and obsessed with being organized and on top of things. I'm also obsessed with staying up to speed on the latest and greatest technologies. And since my phone is one thing I simply can’t live without, I'm always searching for great apps to make my work and personal life more efficient.

How Celebs Are Succeeding at Self-Promotion by Inciting Drama on Social Media

So if you've been paying attention to any pop culture over the last few days than you may have noticed the insane amount of drama on social media. Although I'm sure Twitter had dreams of better and more intelligent uses for the social media platform rather than celebrity feuding, even its biggest supporters can't deny that watching something this insane and delightful unfold in real time can't happen anywhere else and being a fly on the wall while it all hits the fan is priceless.

28 Before 29th

Well today's the day... I made it around the sun another time to celebrate my 28th birthday! The last several years I've written a list of things I want to accomplish before my next birthday. I went though last year's list this morning and I guess it went okay but I think I can do better this year!